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Restore Fulvic, Restore Health

Fulvic is an essential key to all life on Earth and it's disappearing rapidly from our food crops.

Our Proprietary Fulvic Blend aims to restore this essential element - protecting the cells, eliminating toxins, rebalancing the body, strengthening immunity and restoring natural health.


About Us

Ambaya Gold products empower health through resonance by the use of Fulvic, Humic, and Platinum Group Element proprietary solutions. Their efficient bio-availability, super-conductivity, integrity, and efficacy enhance cellular, physical and mental health at a holistic level. 

We’ve been proudly manufacturing high-frequency nutritional supplements inspired by Ayurveda for over 13 years here locally in Sedona, Arizona.  

All products are GMP compliant, vegan, organic when applicable, gluten free, hypoallergenic, preservative free, non-gmo and made here in the U.S.

What is Fulvic?

Fulvic Acid is a naturally occurring compound formed through the decomposition of organic substances. Ancient organic plant matter is converted by microbes to form the complex molecular compound we know as Fulvic. Fulvic molecules are so small that they can permeate the body’s cells to deliver life-essential substances needed for nutrition, immune function, detoxification and anti-inflammation. 


What Makes Our Formulas Different?

Ambaya Gold supplements begin with a Humic & Fulvic plant-derived mineral blend. We consider these the gifts of Mother Earth as they are the most nourishing substances that feed all life on the planet. We ensure that the extracted Humic & Fulvic Acids are pure, free from the use of harsh chemicals, synthetic solvents, or extreme heat.

We then charge our solutions with High Frequency Transitional Elements and refine them to enhance particular actions with ionic minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids. Our liquid Proprietary Fulvic Base offers rapid assimilation, high bioavailability. The particles in this blend have a very small molecular size, allowing them to bypass digestion to deliver nutrients that will be absorbed in the bloodstream.