Ionic Trace Minerals in a Fulvic Base for the Continued Charge and Conductivity of the Body

Ambaya Gold's liquid ionic mineral solution provides essential nutrients to remineralize and recharge your body and mind. Minerals hold the electrical ground and conductivity of the body and it's likely that you're not getting the minerals you need – this easy to use formula is a great way to supply essential minerals and other key ingredients required to stay strong, vital, and connected. Benefits may include:*

  • Increased core health with ionic trace minerals and 72 essential minerals, elements and amino acids
  • Greater energy and mental clarity
  • Improved muscle relaxation and contraction activity
  • Enhanced conductivity necessary for DNA and cell to cell communication
  • Greater metabolic functioning
  • Increased cellular absorption

Why is the addition of Super-Conductive Ionic Minerals™ in your diet so important?

Soil depletion, chemical pollution, and other environmental factors have contributed to an acute lack of minerals in almost everyone’s diet. This was first noted at the beginning of the last century and the mineral depletion of our foods has greatly accelerated since then.

Minerals are absolutely essential for your system’s health and are the foundation for creating a healthy body and clear mind. They provide the spark of life that catalyzes all body systems into action. Low mineralization levels can cause fatigue and lead to a wide range of health problems.

Ambaya Gold has created the Super-Conductive Ionic Minerals™ to help offset the chronic mineral shortage many people currently experience. Our proprietary mineral supplement contains 72 essential minerals which are delivered via a Fulvic base. This unique liquid delivery system allows for much greater absorption than dry pills and provides virtually instant uptake and usage – helping to rejuvenate your body’s entire electrical system with key mineral ingredients needed for a healthier and more vital state of being.

This is one of the essential core supplements provided by Ambaya Gold and most users notice an almost immediate difference in their energy levels and mental clarity.

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