General FAQs

Why is Ambaya Gold focused on minerals?

Minerals are needed for almost every bodily function and their incredibly important roles are often overlooked. They’re essential to enzyme function, strong bones and teeth, energy production, immune health, nerve and muscle function, DNA repair and protection while also being critical for the utilization of vitamins. They’re also electrical conductors for cell to cell communication. While we have an incredible capacity to adapt and compensate, there is a limit to what the body can maintain over the long term without proper mineralization. Often, by the time we experience symptoms of imbalance, mineral depletion has become severe.

Why is it necessary to supplement with minerals?

Our food supply has been demineralized due to modern farming practices and selective breeding for fruits and vegetable to fill a niche instead of providing a full spectrum of minerals and vitamins. Even some of the best organic foods don't have all of the necessary minerals and trace minerals because frequently they're simply not present in the soils the food is grown in. Many diseases and illnesses may be traced back to mineral deficiencies or improper ratios of minerals. Some scientists theorize that mineral deficiencies are responsible for more diseases than any other contributing factor.

Ambaya Gold provides solutions which are highly absorbable and deliver crucial ingredients to help provide strong and reliable systemic functioning. These include minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids and other critical elements.

Liquid or pill nutritional supplements what's the difference?

Many don't realize the true difference between the various types of nutritional supplements. Many times decisions are driven by cost factors and an assumption that all forms of nutrition are similar. They aren't!

With nutritional supplements, factors such as bio-availability, form, molecular size, and other special circumstances will ultimately determine the true dollar value.

Currently, there are three forms of nutritional supplements: Pills, Capsulated Powders, and Liquids. Studies have shown that the absorption range by the body for pills and capsulated powders range from 10 to 20 percent while liquid minerals and vitamins can be up to 98 percent. This can equate to a loss of 70 to 90% of your money down the toilet when purchasing pill or powder form supplements!

More than just the increased bioavailability, liquid mineral and vitamin supplements are easy to take and manage. They can be taken directly with a glass of water or added to juice or other beverages; they can also be added to foods, giving them a nutritional / functional boost.

Our proprietary processes are very efficient and cost-effective, allowing us to make our products as affordable as possible without sacrificing quality. These processes create the purest, most advanced, and affordable formulas available in the world today.