Meet the Ambaya Gold Family

We're passionate about crafting exceptional health products
and fostering a culture of wellness,
starting with Sedona and reaching out to the world.


Founder, Ambaya Gold

Inspired by her decades-long commitment to holistic health and Ayurveda, Ambaya founded Ambaya Gold to share the transformative power of high-frequency liquid supplements. Ambaya embodies the company's mission, radiating compassion and an unwavering dedication to helping others live their most vibrant lives.

Explore the practice that inspires Ambaya Gold's philosophy. Ambaya invites you to experience the restorative power of Tai Chi Gong. Discover this dynamic practice for greater mind-body connection. Learn more about Ambaya's teachings. 

Eli Sayers

Co-Owner, Business & Marketing Strategist

Eli's passion for conscious living led him to Ambaya Gold, where he leverages his marketing and business expertise to share the benefits of natural health products. His diverse background in technology and consulting fuels Ambaya's growth and impact.

Annie Pavone

Social Media Strategist 

Annie's graphic design talents and passion for Ambaya Gold fuel the company's rebranding efforts. She expertly manages social media, creates engaging marketing materials, and supports blog content and events.

"Our commitment is to empower people to live healthy lives in harmony with Nature so that each one of us can express the inner desire of our individual souls and live fruitful, satisfactory lives contributing our Light to everyone and everything."