Meet the Ambaya Gold Family

We are dedicated to keeping Sedona healthy

and we intend for that Healthy vibe to spread throughout the world.


Ambaya is the founder of Ambaya Gold. Ambaya is a Sanskrit word for "the unconditional love and compassion of the Divine Mother". Her devotion to holistically improving the quality of life for those around her has been unrelenting in this lifetime. She attended the Ayurvedic Institute from 1994 -1996, she led the Ayurvedic curriculum, created an Ayurvedic Cafe, and began the Ayurvedic Kitchen for Seven Centers Yoga in Sedona, AZ! Ambaya's lifelong mission has been to live from the core of her true nature and help others radiate their natural state of being.

Eli Sayers

Eli has a long history of marketing and business development experience. After moving to Sedona, he felt a connection with the company and has been part of the team for over three years. He's dedicated to keeping Sedona healthy, sharing Ambaya's products within the community and the world. He’s been the driving force behind the company’s rebranding and infrastructure to make great strides in its growth. He’s now an amazing co-owner, leader, and mentor, motivating everyone to do their best every day!

Jeff Walcott

Jeff has worked with Ambaya for over 13 years. He's our Lab Manager, focusing solely on handcrafting the amazing healing high-frequency formulas that we've all come to love! When he's not working in the lab he's making amazing art and wire wraps. Hopefully in our new location we'll be able to add his beautiful works to the space for all of our Sedona locals to enjoy. He also just became a dad to a beautiful baby girl, adding yet another member to the Ambaya Gold family!

Annie Pavone

Annie found us for her summer internship before graduating college in July 2021. She's been an amazing addition to the team, working to rebrand the company through her talents in graphic design. She runs our social media, writes our blogs, designs our marketing and advertising and helps with our events. She has a true passion for the company and our products and wants nothing more than to help us grow to our highest potential.

Jordan Woodward

Jordan brings over 15 years of sales experience in business and entertainment. He is originally an artist and classical ballet dancer trained at the New York City Ballet Academy. At the age of 17 he experienced a life changing event where he became a quadriplegic from a high speed car accident. With the will to survive and a passion for healing arts, Jordan has regained the ability to walk and is committed to implementing the communication of empowerment to the rest of the world. 

Kathy Baguley

Long time supporter of our products, Kathy joined the team with a focus on assisting us with the large influx of orders we've been receiving. She brings an amazing energy with her every time she comes into the office. We wouldn't be able to do what we do without her!

"Our commitment is to empower people to live healthy lives in harmony with Nature so that each one of us can express the inner desire of our individual souls and live fruitful, satisfactory lives contributing our Light to everyone and everything."