What are Humic and Fulvic and What Can They Do For Your Health?

The base for many of our products include Humic and Fulvic. What are they, and what can they do for your health?
Humic and Fulvic are composed of naturally occurring trace minerals found in the earth. They consist of a combination of carbon-rich materials. Unfortunately, as a society, we have sprayed much of our soil with chemicals such that foods aren't rich in these essential acids like they used to be. It's no wonder, then, that many people resort to taking mineral-rich supplements to boost their Humic/Fulvic consumption.
Essentially, Humic and Fulvic help the body take up nutrients, acting as dilators to increase cell permeability. Because this allows for a more effortless transfer of minerals, your body can truly capitalize on the nutrients it receives.
What are Humic and Fulvic, and what's the difference between the two?
Humic and Fulvic are organic, all-natural substances derived from humates (raw mineral ore) extracted from ancient deposits of decomposed plant matter. Humic has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years and is commonly called Shilajit.
Humic and Fulvic are very complex molecules (acid radicals) bound to ore in their raw form and then extracted using a variety of methods.
The most notable difference between Humic and Fulvic is their molecular weights (shape & size). Humic is considered the larger, disc-shaped constituent with a size of on average of 30,000 daltons. Due to their shape/size, Humic are more readily able to bind to virus binding sites than Fulvic. The smaller size of the Fulvic proves better at accessing more areas at the cellular level. Thus, Humic and Fulvic each have their unique function and therefore create a better base material dependent upon the function or purpose of a specific formula/product.
How do Humic and Fulvic work as Mineral Supplements?
Coined by some as the 'miracle molecules', Humic and Fulvic contain trace amounts of up to 83 trace elements and amino acids which are not normally obtained through most common diets. Science has found that these minerals, required in only trace amounts, play a crucial role in optimizing our body systems.
Properly processed Humic and Fulvic are an incredibly rich source of 100% bio-available micro and macro mineral nutrients. Fulvic uniquely dissolves minerals and other nutrients into their simplest ionic form allowing these elements to become part of the Fulvic molecule itself. Because of its molecular size and superionic charge, the Fulvic molecule becomes a transporter - easily able to carry many times its own weight in dissolved elements. It carries the minerals and nutrients that have dissolved within it through cell membranes and into the heart of the cells, where they can be quickly utilized. Here, these elements function as regulators where they energize and balance cell function and chemical interactions.
Humic and Fulvic play a role in detoxification by transporting out of the cell harmful material such as excess heavy metals and other toxins the cell may have difficulty eliminating without these complex, miracle molecules.
What are the benefits of using Humic and Fulvic?
Humic and Fulvic have been shown to be powerful anti-inflammatories, immune system boosters, detoxifying agents, rich sources of elements, minerals, and amino acids while also being an incredibly efficient transportation mechanism for delivering essential nutrition to our cells. Fulvic and Humic are used either individually or together as a foundational ingredient in many of our products.
Check out further information on Humic and Fulvic at https://ambayagold.com/pages/fulvic-humic-acid

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