David Novick

                Dear Ambaya,
            I want to thank you for creating Dentists in a Bottle. It's an excellent product. I started using it 2-3 years ago when I had a tooth infection. The Dentists put me on medicine and had me report back the following. He said the problem would most likely blow up and that I'd need a root canal.He was so confident that he even gave me the phone # of his associate who would perform the root canal.Over the following week I took a gulp of Dentists in a Bottle every 2 or 3 hours. When I reported back to the dentists the next week he was surprised to see that the problem had cleared up. Since then I've continued to use the product on a daily basis. My gum health and overall dental has improved greatly. Recently the Dentists told me I needed x-rays.I said I had x-rays just a year ago and shouldn't need them again so soon. He said most everyone need x-rays every year. But in your case since you take that Dentists in a Bottle you don't need them that often.
            Thank you again Ambaya for creating such a great product.
                                                     David Novick

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