The Highest Bio-Available Liquid Supplement on the Market

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Essence of Life

 Enhance Cellular, Physical and Mental Health

at a Holistic Level

• One-A-Day Convenient Multi-Vitamin

Re-mineralization of the body with 83 essential minerals, vitamins, trace elements and amino acids

• Increased energy and reduced fatigue

• Greater clarity and focus

Promotion of cellular regeneration and communication

Increased electrolytes

All products are GMP compliant, vegan, organic when applicable, gluten free, hypoallergenic, preservative free, non-gmo and made here in the U.S.

Our Standards

• Holistically enhance physical and mental health

• Strengthen, support and charge our electromagnetic bodies

• Super conductive immediate cellular bioavailability

• Quick, efficient cellular delivery

• Always prioritize integrity and efficacy

• Inspired by Ayurveda, backed by science


Essence of Life
Detox Cleanse Renew
Electro Hydrate

About Ambaya Gold

Ambaya Gold products empower health through resonance by the use of Fulvic, Humic and Platinum Group

Element proprietary solutions. Their efficient bio-availability, super-conductivity, integrity and efficacy

enhance cellular, physical and mental health at a holistic level. 

We’ve been proudly manufacturing high-frequency nutritional supplements inspired by Ayurveda

for over 13 years here locally in Sedona, Arizona.