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Ancient Beauty™ Natural Cosmetics

Sometime it’s More Than Just an Inside Job

Ambaya Gold’s unique understanding of what it takes to make formulas work on the inside of the body has now been extended to the outside as well!

We all know that our skin is a reflection of our interior and Ambaya Gold’s formulas serve as an important nutritional tool for creating healthy skin from the inside out.

But let’s face it – when it comes to our skin, most of us can use a little more help!

These next generation skin care products are designed to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin while using only natural, food grade ingredients.

Natural Replenishing Body Toner Mist

Ancient Beauty™ Toner Mist – 4 oz Lavender Rose Scent


Ancient Beauty™ Zeolite Soap – 3.3 oz bar


Ancient Beauty Face Cream

Ancient Beauty™ Face Cream – 4 oz glass jar


Ancient Beauty™ Body Lotion – 4 oz


Lather, Slather, Dapple, and Spray your
way to healthier feeling and looking skin!

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