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Callie M – Telikicherla, CA

We have a 6 year old Black Labrador Retriever named Lucy. For the past 4 years or so, she has been limping chronically. At first we thought that it was because she was over exercising, and had lactic acid buildup. Then we thought that she had joint pain or some kind of injury, or that maybe it was something that happened with pure bred dogs - who knows? People would always comment, "Your dog is limping." and we would agree with them, and then have to explain that we don't know why awkwardly. The vet had no answers for us. Being in the nutritional field myself, I would supplement everything that I could in her food, buying her the best foods on the market for dogs and also supplementing in her dog food my personal green formulas, organic high grade whey protein, omegas, you name it. Still, no results. Two months ago I found the Pet Health+™ and decided to give it a try. Within the first 2 weeks using the minerals in her daily food, we noticed that her energy increased and she was jumping and fetching like a puppy again.. and the best thing that we noticed was that she completely stopped limping! This has been the only thing that has worked for our girl Lucy, and we are extremely pleased and grateful. No more limp! Thank you so much Ambaya Gold!
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