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Ann M – Camp Verde AZ

groza_pet_health_zeoliteI want everyone who loves their pets (and that is all of us who have pets) to read this amazing recounting of the results that were gained by using the Ambaya Gold Pet Health+. I had a pure bred Siberian Husky named Groza. She was my husband's and my little girl, she had one blue eye like my husband and one brown eye like mine so we considered her our little girl. When she was younger, I would say about 7 she blew out her ACL jumping off the back of a truck. We had to have that knee surgically rebuilt she was healthy as a horse before this operation and injury. It took her almost 6 months to recover from the surgery, she had lost a large amount of weight and was still tender with that knee. A couple of years later she blew out her other ACL and we spoke to our Vet and let him know that we did not think that she would survive another knee replacement and he let us know that the end result if we didn't rebuilt the knee would be arthritis. We were not okay with this but we also knew it was the lesser of the evils for our baby so we decided not to do the second knee replacement. Fast forward, Groza is now 14 years old that is OLD for a pure bred Husky but she was "showing her age", not getting up as quickly and just generally slowing down. I found the Ambaya Gold Pet Health+ serendipitously in the course of my work, I work in the field of natural alternatives for health problems for people. I started Groza and my other two dogs on the Pet Health+ and I have to say I almost regretted it at first, she was jumping around like a puppy! And she was 14 YEARS OLD! I thought "oh no, be careful of your knees" but she continued to get "younger and more puppy like" with every day that she was on the minerals. She was playing with our other two dogs, Scooter who was 7 and Bennie who was 3 like she was younger than either of them. I called Ambaya Gold and said "I think I may have done something bad, Groza is acting like a puppy and I am worried about her knees but she is SO HAPPY!" Bottom line, Groza was on the minerals for another year, that would bring her to 15 YEARS OLD. She enjoyed that last year of her life more than ever due to the HUGE health benefits from being on the Pet Health+. Groza was able in the 15th year to play with "her puppies" and enjoy the end of a long life and I truly believe she would not have enjoyed her final year as much as she did and felt so "puppy like" if we had not found Pet Health+™. Scooter and Bennie, like my husband and I, miss Groza extremely but I can honestly say that Scooter and Bennie will live out the rest of their lives hopefully at least 15 years each with Pet Health+™ in their bowls at night. Oh by the way, they love it and will wait to eat until I put it on their food if, heaven forbid, I forget!
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