If You’re Dieting You Should be Taking Magnesium Oil and These Three Other Supplements

If You’re Dieting You Should be Taking Magnesium Oil and These Three Other Supplements

Sometimes it seems as though a person can’t win when they decide to eat healthy and start a diet. There’s the fact that organic food often costs more or eating out with friends is dictated by which restaurants offer a balanced meal plan. Then there’s the lethargic feeling and anxiety that can accompany dieting which makes an individual question whether losing the weight is worth the physical stress.

When you go on a diet or boost up a workout plan your body is not used to the immediate change-up that requires an equal amount of replenishing the fuel of the body. The best way to achieve this and lessen the burden of other dieting issues is a relatively easy one - supplements.

Here’s our pick of four supplements to add to your diet.


Magnesium is a vital component to good health but many people are deficient in it due to a lack of proper production. A magnesium oil supplement helps produce energy, has detoxifying qualities, and aids in protein synthesis. Magnesium oil maintains blood sugar levels, keeps the heart beating regularly, and promotes a healthy immune system.


As a kid we were always told to drink our milk so we grow up to be big and strong. Unfortunately that message is lost on our adult selves, as many individuals are deficient in Vitamin D. Taking a supplement that has at least 1000 IU of Vitamin D can help increase muscle strength and lower risks for gum disease, arthritis, diabetes, MS, hypertension, and some cancers.


Probiotics offer a wealth of benefits for the gut and rest of the body. The body forms an unlikely team with the microbiome to promote digestive and urinary health, fight off allergies, promote a strong immune system, and to battle obesity.


The easiest way to achieve whole body health is by taking a multivitamin. Our multivitamin, Essence of Life, hits on a number of key factors that consumers are looking for in supplements today, such as being a high grade liquid vitamin that is easy to digest. Taking a multivitamin is important because dieting often causes you to be deficient in multiple nutrients.


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