Why Give Your Pet a Supplement?

Why Give Your Pet a Supplement?

APR 5, 2020

Providing your pet extra nutrition through a supplement not only acts as a tool for its longevity but also acts as a preventative measure against illness and disease- saving you a check at the vet further down the road!

The two main causes today that push the need of supplements for your pets are diet and environmental toxicity, this is the same for humans as well.


Our pet’s diet, which may include preservatives and chemical additives, is likely to have an adverse effect on their wellness and lifespan. Commercially produced pet foods often claim they are “complete and balanced”, but may actually fail to provide the necessary level of nutritional support for optimum health, which could lead to premature aging, stiff joints, disease, and a host of other issues.

Environmental Toxins

Another, which we are all exposed to, are toxins. Our pets come in to contact with the toxins present on sidewalks, from vehicles and other pollutants and grass, treated with artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

When outside, they’re surrounded by environmental contaminants frompollution, particulate matter from construction, and more. How do our pets eliminate accumulated toxicities out of their bodies while maintaining a defense against the new toxicities they’re exposed to every day? By using a supplement like Pet Health+.

Pet Health+ is a powerful detox cleanse and renewal formula containing minerals, trace elements, amino acids, and enzymes necessary to maintain health, youth, and vigor. It contains Clinoptilolite zeolite for a safe, yet highly effective natural detox. Our overall immune support formula can increase a pet’s natural ability to combat health challenges while supplying essential ingredients that may be missing from our pet’s diet.

Written by Annie Pavone

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