What's the Difference Between Silver and Gold?

What's the Difference Between Silver and Gold?

What's the Difference Between Silver and Gold?

Silver ions cause inhibition of bacterial growth. Therefore they are naturally antibacterial.  Silver ions, and their interaction with enzymes and proteins play an important role in antibacterial efficacy in the body. This means Silver can be used as a non-toxic, safe, and easy to use supplement as a natural antibiotic, an immune boost, or a solution can be sprayed on minor cuts to assist with the healing process.

We combine the smallest particle Silver available, Monatomic Angstrom Gold, in our proprietary base of Fulvic minerals and Platinum Group Elements, in our Silver Spray and Silver Solution, making it extremely bio-available and easily absorbed by the body. 

Gold has a natural emanation which is a purifying, balancing and vitalizing energy or force. As a conveyor of energy from the sun, it acts as a transformer, to pass the sun's force into physical substance for Life, through fine absorption of it's high vibratory force and manifesting a potential to elevate spiritual development. Monatomic Angstrom Gold has been used throughout history and we've included it many of our products to promote increased feelings of mental awareness, grounding, and alignment. 

Our Immune System Boost combines Oxygen, Monatomic Silver, and Monatomic Gold, with our highly bio-available, proprietary Fulvic base, to promote maximum immune system support, as well as enhanced mental clarity, and overall wellness.

Winter is the best time to give your immune system some extra care. For the December Month of Silver and Gold, our Silver Solution, Silver Spray, and Immune System Boost are all 20% off! 

The intention for our Ambaya Gold products is that they provide the necessary resonance to allow us to stay connected to Life Source, enhancing our Spiritual Lives and allowing our physical and mental bodies to operate at the highest level possible.

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