What Things Affect Your Oxygen Level?

Most people don’t have issues with their breathing. They don’t even think about it because it just happens. Others, though, seem to be out of breath more often than not, and it can become worrisome.

For some people, their oxygen level is too low. If and when a person has low blood oxygen (known as hypoxemia) that means they’re not getting enough oxygen circulating through their inner systems. Oxygen levels can be tested using an oximeter or an arterial blood gas test. You might want to ask your doctor about having your oxygen level(s) checked if you have chronic shortness of breath.

Why do some people have a hard time breathing? There are several reasons, including a defect in the brain’s control over breathing, or, more likely, excess fat weighing against a person’s chest wall, making it harder to breathe. Indeed, many obese people struggle with breathing properly. If you’re someone with extra weight around your midsection, you probably notice you’re out of breath when doing the slightest of exertions like walking up a staircase. If you feel tired after little effort, you might have low blood oxygen.

Other causes of hypoxemia include anemia, congenital heart disease, COPD/emphysema, pneumonia and sleep apnea.

Depression and anxiety can also influence oxygen levels in the blood.

What are some of the solutions to this problem? Your doctor would likely tell you “lose weight” followed by “get more exercise.” Indeed, those two things can help.

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