What Are the Benefits of Essiac Tea?

In the first part of the Twentieth Century, there was a nurse in Canada named Rene Caisse. She discovered a lady who had survived breast cancer thanks to the use of various herbs. Caisse found out the healing herbal mix, used it in tea form to aid many people, and the concoction became known as Essiac– which is Caisse’s name spelled backwards.

Though scientific research is inconclusive about Essiac, many people take it. For instance, women with breast cancer, patients with HIV or diabetes, and healthy people who just want to enhance their immune system have been known to benefit from Essiac.

Today, Ambaya Gold offers a product called Essensiac™, a natural evolution of Essiac Tea. Utilizing a proprietary fulvic base with zeolite, platinum group elements, and more, Essensiac™ aids in support of a person’s immune system while also helping detoxify them.

Users often experience many benefits, including the great feeling of having more energy as if their body has had a tune-up. Essensiac™ helps nourish the body’s cells, keeping them hydrated and oxygenated in a way that assists with overall cellular health.

Have you been looking for a product that provides your body with a cleansing, revitalizing and healing ability?  Ambaya Gold’s Essensiac™ includes Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Cat’s Claw Bark, Slippery Elm Bark, and Turkish Rhubarb Root. These herbs are rich in vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, K, E and many trace minerals. They help many people feel better.

Specifically, Burdock Root supports circulation to the skin, cleansing the epidermal tissues while eliminating toxins from your blood and lymphatic system. Sheep Sorrel is rich in chlorophyll, increasing oxygen content in the blood. Cat’s Claw supports digestive and upper respiratory health as well as the immune system. Slippery Elm Bark helps to protect membrane linings in the joints. It can also provide anti-inflammatory support. Finally, Turkish Rhubarb Root assists with overall systemic cleansing.

Ambaya Gold’s Essensiac™, then, is a great way to benefit from these herbs gathered together in one convenient product in order to feel healthier. Get your Essensiac™ here:  http://ambayagold.com/essensiac/

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