Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

As we age our metabolism slows down. Think back to when you were younger. There was a time when you could eat a whole bunch of certain foods and “burn the calories off” easily. However, when metabolism slows, you’ll take a look at your stomach and notice the bulge and say to yourself, “I’ve got to watch what I eat!”

So how can you boost your metabolism in an effort to look and feel your best as you age? First, consider what you put into your body on a daily basis. If you’re eating too little– say 500 calories a day, for example– your body’s metabolism gets messed up. It’s not good. Therefore, rather than starving yourself, just make sure you’re eating enough to feel full in order to keep your metabolism functioning properly. Besides three meals a day, snack as needed so you’re not always feeling hungry.

In the morning, it’s important to eat some sort of breakfast, such as yogurt or oatmeal. If you skip breakfast, you’re messing up your metabolism. Furthermore, coffee or tea in the morning is not a bad idea– caffeine helps rev up the metabolism.

Other ways to boost your metabolism naturally include eating more fiber (in the form of fruits and vegetables), eating more organic foods (rather than packaged/processed foods), and drinking at least 6 cups of cold water daily. When water’s cold, your body has to work to heat it to match your body’s temperature, and that’s good for your metabolism.

Also, foods rich in iron, protein, and/or Vitamin D are all good for you and your metabolism. This means lean meats, nuts, beans, spinach, tuna, eggs, milk and cereal should be on your shopping list.

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