Transform Stressed Breathing into Peaceful Breathing

If you haven't, read last week's blog about the habitual unconscious way we breathe, the additional stress it causes and how to retrain yourself to breathe naturally with the diaphragm. Diaphragmatic Breathing allows you to take conscious deep breaths using the diaphragm, allowing the lungs to function at 100% capacity. These deep breaths fill the lungs with air, push down on the diaphragm and push the tummy outward. 

In order to get the full benefits of breathing with the diaphragm, you have to relax the body. Only once the body is relaxed can you truly breathe into the abdomen. If we are tense, the breath will only continue to go into the chest area. 

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From Stress Breathing to Peace Breathing

It's important to cultivate deeply relaxed breathing. While this may be natural for some, it can be difficult for others. If you can’t breathe comfortably into the belly in a deep and relaxed way, it is because you are anxious and holding tension in the body.

Any physical tension or pain in the body is connected to a psychological or emotional stressor. If you aren’t relaxed, feel within if you’re experiencing any negative emotions like anger, fear, sadness or pain. You have to feel and acknowledge the emotions present within you first, really accepting them. That is the only way to heal them and allow for heightened states of being to arise. It might seem like we’re moving away from the topic of breathing but our mind, body and spirit are all interconnected.

Turn Your Breath to One of Peace and Healing 

Set the intention to let go of the tension. Let yourself know you are safe. Let yourself be relaxed. Relaxed breathing with intention lets your body know you are okay— through everything you go through on a daily basis, through all of the uncertainty of life, you are safe. That feeling is deeply healing if we allow ourselves to feel it beyond the intellectual level.

We all have felt at some point like we are rushing through life, on autopilot at times and at others stressing to keep it all together. To take one deep relaxed breath, we slow down and let our body know we are safe, we can take down the mental defense. It's one of the most important things in life if not the most, to constantly bring yourself back to the breath all day, every day,

Always remember this throughout your daily life. Relax and remind yourself to breathe into the belly, not the chest.

Annie Pavone

November 28, 2022

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NOVEMBER 21, 2022

Remember: Breathe into the belly, not the chest.

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