Top Science-Backed Benefits of MSM

Annie Pavone

October 10, 2022

Have you heard about MSM? 

Claims have been made that it can help with a variety of conditions, like arthritis and joint pain. Some have called it a miracle supplement. That's obviously up for debate but there are plenty of people who feel that it really works. Sales of MSM reach the millions each year. Recently, some of its claims now have studies to back them. 

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What is MSM? 

MSM stands for methylsulfonylmethane. It’s basically a type of sulfur, but not the kind you’re thinking of! This kind of sulfur is an important component of proteins, collagen, keratin, hormones and enzymes. It’s a substance required by the body to fulfill different functions. 

MSM is a naturally occurring sulfur compound stored in every cell of the body. It can be found in foods including fruits, vegetables, grains and milk. It helps improve neurological functions, reducing pain, assists the hair, skin and nails to grow faster, stronger and smoother and helps with vitamin absorption. 

Sadly, food grown today has shown to have much lower levels in bioactive Sulfur than in the past. Our current commercial farming methods have left much of the soil depleted in various types of nutrients. The best way to bridge the gaps left in what we eat is to add back what is lacking with supplements that contain those nutrients like pure, additive-free MSM.

Ten Reasons You Should Consider Taking MSM

1. Antioxidant

MSM is a powerful antioxidant. It is capable of disabling free radicals while increasing the effect of other nutritional antioxidants, such as vitamins C, vitamin E and selenium.

2. MSM May Have Anti-inflammatory Effects

It’s believed that MSM may reduce the release of molecules linked to inflammation. It inhibits NF-kB, a protein complex involved in inflammatory responses in the body. MSM also reduces production of cytokines such as TNF-a and IL-6, which are signaling proteins linked to systemic inflammation.

3. MSM May Treat Arthritis and Joint Pain

Arthritis is probably the most known condition that MSM is used for, especially osteoarthritis. Studies have shown that MSM might lessen the pain associated with it.

One study of 100 people, age 50 and over, found that treatment with a supplement containing MSM for 12 weeks lessened pain, stiffness and swelling in the joints, compared to a placebo.

4. MSM May Help with Digestive Problems

 MSM can assist to rebuild digestive tract lining and may improve symptoms in patients with Leaky Gut Syndrome. More studies are required to evaluate the protective effects of MSM with treating digestive problems in humans. One study, however, did show oral intake of MSM assisted in protecting gut damage in rats with colitis. MSM supplements may also reduce swelling and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids.

5. MSM May Benefit Hair and Skin by Boosting Keratin

A popular claim is that MSM may help hair grow. One study in rats found that MSM assisted to treat hair loss, or alopecia. The sulfur component in MSM is an essential mineral to help stimulate hair growth.

Another common claim of MSM is that it helps with Rosacea. In one study, it improved skin redness, papules, itching, hydration and reduced redness. MSM didn't improve the burning sensation that some experience as a symptom of Rosacea but it did improve the intensity and longevity of the stinging sensation.

6. MSM Improves Muscle Recovery

Studies have shown that MSM can naturally speed muscle recovery after intense exercise by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. It helps decrease muscle pain, improve muscle recovery and increase energy levels. MSM's increased antioxidant capacity subdued lipid peroxidation (destruction of fat), which helped decrease leakage in the blood. MSM can remove lactic acid (the burning feeling after exercise). It also repairs the fibrous tissue in muscles that are broken down during muscle usage.

7. MSM Can Boost Your Immune System 

Our immune system is complex and powerful but it can be weakened by a number of things in the hustle and bustle of daily life like stress, a poor diet, lack of sleep or illnesses. Sulfur compounds, such as MSM ,play important roles in the health of your immune system.

8. MSM May Relieve Allergies 

It is believed that MSM can decrease allergic reactions by lowering inflammation and inhibiting the release of cytokines and prostaglandins thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It binds to the mucosa, blocking host and allergen contact. It was found that allergy symptoms and lower respiratory symptoms were reduced in people with seasonal allergic rhinitis after taking MSM supplementation for one month. 

9. MSM May Help With Parasites 

MSM may be an effective treatment for worms, giardia and trichomonas. Research shows that MSM coats the gut lining making it impossible for parasites to attach themselves. They are then naturally flushed out of the body.

Candida is when the body experiences an overgrowth in fungus which can cause various health problems. MSM changes the PH in your body where Candida can not thrive in.

How do you find the highest quality MSM supplements?

Although the current findings on MSM are promising, more research is needed to understand all of its potential benefits as well as possible side effects. If you're interested in taking MSM now, look for well tested products where each ingredient in the formula has been examined at the molecular level to determine its effectiveness.

Prioritize complex formulas meaning that it has a higher likelihood of efficacy. Other ingredients include SAMe, Boswellia Serrata, Minerals, Vitamins and other herbal extracts. These will all compliment each other and the MSM. Ambaya Gold products blend MSM with our potent proprietary formulas of Humic and Fulvic chocked full of Minerals, Vitamins, Amino Acids and Platinum Group Elements.

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OCTOBER 03, 2022

MSM is a naturally occurring sulfur compound stored in every cell of the body.

Research has shown us that MSM could be helpful in lowering inflammation, reducing joint pain, improving hair and skin health, decreasing allergy symptoms and speeding up recovery after exercise.

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