Top Health Benefits of Indium

If you follow us and our blog, you’re probably interested in naturally improving your health, and there are many ways to do that! We’re all genetically unique, so there isn’t one single solution, but many natural elements still have powerful benefits for our health. Indium is one of them; this rare trace mineral could be key to our longevity and healing.

If you google ‘indium,’ many results will be about the indium metal. This blog will refer to the health benefits and uses of trace amounts of the indium mineral.

Our Hormones and Heath

Our hormones control and can affect everything from how our organs work, metabolism, reproduction, mood and energy, sleep quality, skin texture, and muscle tone. Unfortunately, as we age, our body decreases the production of these helpful hormones that keep us healthy and youthful.

As we age, hormonal and metabolic changes greatly contribute to the principal age-related chronic diseases and decline in physiologic functions, which include atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, chronic inflammation and decline in immune function.

Therefore, balancing and replenishing our hormones can slow and even reverse some signs of aging. We generally begin to see accelerated effects of aging on the body after 25-35 years. Indium is rarely found in the human body after that age range. Dr. Lyons talks about the link between the body’s lack of indium and the following hormonal changes in his book “INDIUM The Missing Trace Mineral”. 

Indium is not found in food, so it's important to take a natural supplement containing Indium to receive its benefits. Dr. Henry Schroeder found supplementing with Indium could increase the body’s utilization of trace elements in the body by 142%, which is recorded in his book The Trace Elements and Man.

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Top Health Benefits of Indium

1. Hormonal Balance & Anti-Aging

It is believed that Indium has stimulating and rejuvenating effects on the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. Both play a major role in hormonal production. When we add indium back into our body, it can slow down the aging process by restoring our more youthful levels of hormones. 

2. Nutrient Absorption 

A balanced hormone system plays an essential role in natural nutrient absorption. “Hormones signal your body to produce the right enzymes and stomach acids needed to break down food.” Therefore, Indium helps the body to absorb nutrients and maintain healthy digestion.

3. Increased Energy

A balanced hormonal system and enhanced ability to absorb nutrients give our body system a heightened energetic feel with added endurance throughout the day—many reports are experiencing less of the familiar foggy heavy feeling. 

4. Better Quality of Sleep

These hormonal changes that come with age also cause changes in sleep. Restoring our hormonal balance can improve our quality of sleep. Other sleep medicines can come with unwanted side effects. Indium acts as a natural solution to better sleep.

When we supplement with vitamins and minerals, specific biochemical processes in our bodies start to function better, leading to better memory and cognitive health. Indium helps relieve joint pain and discomfort as the joints are supported by the surrounding muscles and tissues (another benefit of indium mineral). Many people report increased mobility when taking Indium as the muscles can build and retain more strength, and joint inflammation is eased.

Side Effects and Expected Results

Since everyone is different, the exact results will vary from person to person. Older adults with lower mineral levels will experience a more noticeable change. Bodybuilding supplements like Creatine shouldn’t be taken with Indium. Always check with your health care professional, especially if you are taking medication, are pregnant, or breastfeeding.

Our Hormone Harmony highlights Indium and is tested to ensure its purity and is effective for all ages. You'll notice that most of our products contain Indium for its added benefits.


Annie pavone

January 2, 2023

Indium is a silvery metal so soft that you could bite a chuck out of it! In nature it is very rare and usually only found as a trace element in other minerals.

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December 27, 2022

Other Benefits of Indium Include:

Indium helps restore the natural cellular process surrounding the health of our eyes, brain and body. Schroeder's tests found that with supplementation of Indium one could experience:

15 days: Improved sleep

1 week: Sense of well-being

2 weeks: Better physical resistance

3-5 weeks: Normalized blood glucose

4 weeks: Libido normalization

10 weeks: Regularized blood pressure

3 months: Menstruation normalization

4 months: Stable eye pressure

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