Tips to Stay Hydrated

Not drinking enough water throughout the day can cause dehydration.  If it’s hot outside and you’re exercising, it can compound the issue to the point of danger.  Follow these simple tips to staying hydrated and healthy:

  • Drink water. If you are bored of plain tap water, try infusing your pitcher with lemon, cucumber, mint or other combinations of fruits and herbs.  Tea, juices, milk, soup, and even coffee count!
  • Eat your water. There are lots of delicious and juicy fruits like melons and apples to help keep you hydrated.  Even bananas and dates offer electrolytes to help keep you balanced.
  • Check your urine color. It should be pale yellow.

There are lots of way to incorporate fluids into your daily routine. You might also consider a supplement such as our Electro-Hydrate. Proper hydration is critical for the balance and functioning of our bodies and minds. Most of us are chronically dehydrated and Electro-Hydrate can help hydrate and mineralize your system and provides essential underpinnings for you to feel strong, clear, and focused throughout the day.

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