Tips for Having More Energy Throughout the Day

Tips for Having More Energy Throughout the Day


    We live in a fast-paced “always on” kind of world these days. You literally could spend eight hours a day, easily, on a computer, checking emails, Facebook posts, and, of course, working at your job. Meanwhile, it seems like there are all-too-many demands on our time, from family and friends to housework and more. Being busy for long stretches of time can wear people out! How, then, can we get more energy throughout the day?

    First, consider taking naps. They’re not just for senior citizens and babies anymore. During the day, when you feel tired, give yourself permission to close your eyes, perhaps get in bed under the covers (if you can), and let your mind and body essentially shut down for 10 to 20 minutes. After a short nap, you’ll feel energized– and have your “second wind.” Naps are nature’s way of helping us rejuvenate ourselves during the day.

    Next, be careful about what you eat and drink and when you do it. Some people start each day off with coffee and nothing else. Then they drink a can of soda pop at lunchtime, neglecting food. If all you’re filling your body with for much of the day is sugar and caffeine, you’ll have bursts of energy–sure– but then you’ll “crash” and feel really tired. Instead, try snacking on natural things like fruits and veggies and drinking plenty of cups of plain old water daily. Instead of three big meals a day, consider six smaller ones.

    Finally, consider taking liquid nutritional supplements like the ones Ambaya Gold offers. There are supplements that help detox the body, making you feel more energetic, as well as ones that give you much-needed vitamins and minerals so you’re able to operate at your best, rather than feeling sluggish and down. In particular, consider AG Essentials:

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