The Best Detox For Environmental Toxins And Radiation

The Best Detox For Environmental Toxins And Radiation

APR 5, 2020

Many types of cancers, disease and birth defects are increasing in both humans and animals due to environmental pollutants full of heavy metals and other toxins.

We can either become a victim and let these toxins wreak havoc on our health OR take action and protect ourselves. Everyone would prefer the second option, but this topic isn’t talked about enough to the point where people are educated on how to keep themselves safe.


The best way to remove toxic heavy metals from environmental pollution and radiation from the body is by chelating them out with a product that bonds to them like a magnet to pull them all the way out of the body once and for all! I usually provide options, but from our findings at Ambaya Gold, Clinoptilolite Zeolite is by far the best way to combat these toxins.

Exposure To Toxic Heavy Metals From Environmental Pollution and Radioactive Isotopes

“Throughout our lives we’re exposed to toxic heavy metals that include Mercury, Lead, Arsenic and Cadmium in pesticides, herbicides and fungicides from pest control in homes and commercial buildings, crop spraying of fruits, vegetables and animal feeds that are contaminating and accumulating in chickens, livestock and fish that end up on our dinner tables. Coal fired power plants are a huge source of airborne mercury that end up in peoples lungs.

A commonly known toxic herbicide weed and plant killer, sprayed throughout the world, is Roundup (Glyphosate). It contains chemicals like Arsenic and is well embedded in our food chain due to the huge volume of crop spraying. Because of its extensive use it has also found its way into wells, ground water, creeks, rivers and lakes due to drainage systems dumping into all of these body’s of water. Other countries have banned this “toxic heavy metal cocktail” and so should the United States and other countries!

Many are concerned due to the increasing amounts of pollution and radiation in our environment and have already begun detoxes.

The miracle toxin magnet, Zeolite, comes in a liquid or powder form. Zeolites have a four-sided honeycomb structure carrying a negative magnetic charge. This combination draws heavy metals and toxins to the Zeolite. It engulfs them, enabling the toxins to be safely eliminated out of the body through normal excretory functions. No healthy minerals are brought in! Only the heavy metals are flushed out without any re-absorbing back into the body (which is what usually causes people to feel ill as other types of detox products often do).

As the heavy metals and toxins are eliminated the immune system can grow strong again to better fight off viruses, bacteria and deformed cells as it is naturally designed to do to keep the body healthy.

Routinely detoxifying with zeolite is necessary because when you’re exposed to toxins, your body stores them in your cells. Over time, toxins and radiation can build up to dangerous levels—leading to disease, chronic fatigue, brain fog and even cancer.


In our Detox Cleanse Renew™ formula, we combine Clinoptilolite Zeolite with a Fulvic/ Humic base, transforming the Zeolite into a unique component of the Fulvic/ Humic molecules. Fulvic and Humic are already able to "chelate” toxins and remove them from the body as waste. This combination produces a totally unique formula that's carried directly into the cellular structure of the body. It quickly and safely carries heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins safely out of the body.


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Written by Annie Pavone

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