The Many Uses of Silver

The Many Uses of Silver

Silver is considered a potent antibacterial element. The silver ion's interaction with enzymes and proteins plays an essential role in antibacterial efficacy in the body and inhibition of bacterial growth. Our silver is monatomic (1 atom in size) and is the smallest ionic silver available.

Taking Silver orally can assist with symptoms of colds, sinus infections, and is an overall great immune system support. In addition, it can lessen the symptoms of allergies and arthritis.

Silver can fight hundreds of disease causing bacteria & viruses without any known side effects or drug interactions.

Here are some ailments that people who use silver have reported.

If you don't like taking antibiotics for urinary tract or bladder infections, silver, a natural alternative can assist to clear up your system by taking 1/2 teaspoon of our Silver orally three times per day for three days. After symptoms have cleared, continue to take 1/4 teaspoon. In addition, drink lots of water, at least 10 8oz glasses of water per day.

Spraying Silver can help clear up athlete's foot, assist babies with diaper rash, and help relieve various other skin problems, such as rashes, burns, scrapes, warts, cuts, eczema, and topical fungus.

Silver can assist with acne when sprayed on the skin during your morning and nighttime routine after cleansing the skin.

For further information on dosage for certain conditions, you can call and book an Ayurvedic consultation with Ambaya. Consultations are available on Thursdays and are 1 hour long for $125. 

Our Silver Solution and Silver Spray uses the smallest ionic silver available, so it can be easily absorbed by the body! Winter is the best time to give your immune system some extra care. For the December "Month of Silver and Gold", our Silver Solution, Silver Spray, and Immune System Boost are all 20% off! 


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