The Importance of Ionic Minerals

The Importance of Ionic Minerals

The universe is made of elements. Our planet is made of them. And so are we. Indeed, your body is made up of many elements, and it needs replenishment of elements on a daily basis in order to function properly, survive and thrive. Remember hearing that you should drink milk for your bones? That’s because calcium (found in milk) is good for your bones. Meanwhile elements like iron and sulfur help your blood and muscles. Your body is all about elements!

Have you heard of ionic minerals? These are elements with either a positive or negative charge. Because of the way they’re made up of electrons in an unstable way they can and do bond with water and thus your body can absorb them. In the old days, we got our ionic/trace minerals from farm-grown foods like grains and vegetables. The soil they used to be grown in was rich with minerals. Unfortunately, the soil in use today for growing food has been depleted of mineral-rich content. Therefore, a lot of the foods we consume don’t offer us the nutritional value our bodies crave. Things like fertilizers have also interfered with our farms and fields, such that we’re just not getting enough ionic minerals in our diets.

Ionic minerals, though, are still plentiful in the oceans. Unlike farmland, where they’ve been depleted, the oceans and some inland seas (like the Great Salt Lake in Utah) are abundant in the kind of minerals that are very good for people’s health.

Since our bodies rely on electrical impulses to function, ionic minerals are essential to make those impulses happen. Without them your heart would stop beating!

How can you get ionic minerals these days so you don’t have to have a mineral deficiency?

Ambaya Gold offers Super-Conductive Ionic Minerals™ for a “continued charge and conductivity of the body.”

As a liquid ionic mineral solution, Super-Conductive Ionic Minerals™ provides essential nutrients and minerals to help recharge both the body and mind. Are you seeking to improve your energy, mental clarity, metabolic function and cellular absorption? In other words, do you seek to live a healthier life? Then check out Ambaya Gold’s Super-Conductive Ionic Minerals™ here:

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