The Importance of Humic and Fulvic Acids

Humic and fulvic acids can help improve your digestion as well as cell and brain function. Furthermore, they can help raise your overall energy level.

Humic and fulvic acids are composed of naturally-occurring trace minerals found in the earth. They consist of a combination of carbon-rich materials. Interestingly, we, as a society, have sprayed much of our soil with chemicals such that our foods aren’t rich in these acids like they used to be. It’s no wonder, then, that many people resort to taking mineral-rich supplements (from makers like Ambaya Gold) to boost their humic/fulvic acid consumption.

Essentially, humic and fulvic acids help the body take up nutrients, acting as dilators to increase cell permeability. Because this allows for an easier transfer of minerals, your body is able to truly capitalize on the nutrients it receives.

How do these acids help with brain function? They help your body’s red blood cells carry more oxygen. This, in turn, may give you feelings of euphoria and even make you feel smarter and more alert. As more oxygen gets to the red blood cells, a person’s natural ability to repair injuries faster will increase.

Did you know that humic acid is rich in zinc and magnesium? These minerals are very good for your skin, delivering antioxidants.

Fulvic acid, meanwhile, helps improve your gut health and immune function.

Ambaya Gold can supply you with Fulvic Green™. It’s in liquid form, paired with all-natural Hawaiian Spirulina. This combination tastes great and delivers several benefits to your body, including increased cell to cell communication. Better yet, people who’ve used Fulvic Green™ have felt better, reporting an increase in energy, mental clarity, and their physical performance. The product is also known to give a person a natural, mild cleanse, helping detox their body.

Fulvic Green™ is just one of Ambaya Gold’s super-food supplements; buy it here:

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