The Good and the Bad of it All: Detoxifying Minerals

The Good and the Bad of it All: Detoxifying Minerals


The Good and the Bad of it All: Detoxifying Minerals

Good guys and bad guys. There is a big difference between minerals we need and minerals that will hurt us. It is clear we need minerals to survive, like a car needs a battery to run. Mineral content in our body supplies the electrical conductivity to keep us working. Two times Nobel Laureate, Dr Linus Pauling, said "You could trace every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency." 

The accumulation of toxic minerals and toxic waste diminishes the electrical conductivity and eventually shuts the system down. Preventing accumulation of and removing of present toxins is of the utmost importance. How do we do this and create an environment that readily receives these miraculous health and energy giving minerals?

Minerals are or at least should be present in our foods. It has been shown that mineral diversity and amounts fluctuate greatly depending on soil conditions where our foods are grown or raised. Our foods may not have the mineral content that they should have thus leaving us deprived of very important nutrients.

Minerals help our livers, the detoxifying organ, by breaking down toxins and making them ready for elimination. Infusing our bodies with minerals allows us to remove built up toxins and then continued infusion helps us prevent the build up of more toxins. As toxins are removed, our bodies' life processes function more efficiently allowing us to live a happy, healthier life.


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Scientists trace diseases and ailments to mineral deficiency.

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