Superfood Hawaiian Spirulina

Superfood Hawaiian Spirulina

APR 5, 2020

Hawaiian spirulina is a strain of edible algae. It’s grown in shallow ponds adjacent to the Pacific Ocean which contain a mixture of fresh and seawater. Due to the high concentrations of vitamins and minerals, Hawaiian spirulina is considered a superfood and consuming it provides many health benefits.

Why Take Hawaiian Spirulina Supplements?


1. Spirulina offers a great boost of energy. This offers a natural alternative to stimulants like caffeine. Some experts say you can combine spirulina with lime juice to further enhance the energy boost that you get from it.

Lowers Blood Pressure

2. A great way to lower your blood pressure is to add spirulina to your diet.

High in Antioxidants

3. Gram per gram, Hawaiian Spirulina has 3,900% more beta carotene than carrots & 31 times more antioxidant activity than the immune-boosting superfood, blueberries. These high concentrations are critical to protect the body against cell damage. Foods high in antioxidants have been proven to lower inflammation and eliminate free radicals which can prevent degenerative brain diseases. Some experts think that spirulina can help boost brainpower and help with concentration. There’s also been some evidence that spirulina helps with ADHD.

Lower Blood Sugar

4. Spirulina can lower blood sugar levels.

Can Reduce Risk of Cancer

5. Adding spirulina to your diet can reduce risk of cancer. Testing conducted at the University of Maryland Medical Center showed the spirulina increased the production of antibodies as well as infection-fighting proteins and cells that help to protect against cancer. This can also be said for other illnesses, which means spirulina could have potential to prevent a number of other diseases

Protect Against Liver Disease

6. Protection against liver disease

Detox from Heavy Metals

7. Spirulina acts as a detox for your body, especially from heavy metals, like arsenic. According to the World Health Organization, the United States is one of the countries that are most affected by arsenic poisoning. Spirulina is a natural remedy for getting rid of that arsenic and other metals that have accumulated in the body.

Reduce Cholesterol

8. Spirulina can greatly reduce cholesterol as well. Cholesterol can be a problem that leads to heart disease and all other kinds of issues. Anyone at risk for heart disease, or those over the age of 55, should consider adding spirulina to their diet.

Some of the Highest Levels of Protein

9. Hawaiian spirulina has some of the highest levels of protein of any plant or animal source. This superfood contains up to 70% digestible, complete protein, high levels of iron, beta carotene, and other healthful nutrients including B12, vitamin K, chlorophyll, and phycocyanin. This is why spirulina can actually promote weight loss and reduce fat stores. With its high fiber content it keeps you full longer, making you want to eat less. Eating foods high in protein allow you to maintain lean muscle tissue and still burn fat.

Menstrual Symptom Relief

10. Spirulina can provide women relief from severe menstrual symptoms like fatigue, bloating, cramps and mood swings.

Hawaiian Spiruina is one of the top ingredients in our Fulvic Green. Our proprietary fulvic base allows for an efficient cellular delivery increasing all the listed benefits above (and more), while at the same time reducing negative effects of eliminating toxicity.


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Written by Annie Pavone

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