Remover of Obstacles: Clinoptilolite Zeolite

In Hindu culture Lord Ganesha is the Elephant headed deity who is the Great Remover of  Obstacles. In regards to modern and natural health this is Clinoptilolite Zeolite.

The greek etymology of the word Clinoptilolite translates to oblique feather stone. Interesting, Right!  What could make this featherlike stone phenomena? A great epochal collaboration of Nature. This astounding negatively- charged earth (in a good way of course) formed between 50 million and 350 million years ago, when volcanic ash mixed with ocean-water and formed alkali zeolite deposits, resulting in 150 types of Zeolite.

Zeolite’s hold a three-dimensional tetrahedron (tectosilicates) crystalline honey-comb structure that contains a large porous surface area that both adsorbs and absorbs. Absorption is when liquid permeates and holds and adsorption absorbs and locks gases as well as liquids, which creates a bound film on the structure. The channels and cavities within the Zeolite make-up 51% of its total volume. This silica building block is electrically neutral, yet the locked alumina holds the key to this ‘ positive ‘ negative charge, which is able to remove toxic baggage from the body. Natural Clinoptilolite Zeolite have a 5 to 1 ratio of Silica to Alumina, whereas synthetic versions of zeolite have a 1:1 ratio. Zeolite’s also have 4-oxygen atoms, with the 1 alumina holding the high affinity for trapping. This negative charge creates a 3+ cation exchange, balancing by exchanging cations sodium, potassium and calcium for the positive charged toxins, lead, cadmium, cesium, strontium, mercury, arsenic, nickel, radioisotopes, mycotoxins produced by fungi, aflotoxins produced by mold, petro-chemicals, as well as excess gastric acid.

Zeolites can only remain in the body from 5 – 7 hours before all zeolite is eliminated. Yet now they are filled, carrying out and binding all of the absorbed harmful toxins in the body. Ambaya Gold has been using the same supplier of  powdered zeolite for over 10 years with positively transformational results. The source of naturally occurring clinoptilolite is from the united states, tested for quality purity standards at the mine site, and in a laboratory being marked safe for human consumption. The effectiveness has been proven through hair analysis on countless occasions through customers. The clean sourced zeolite powder is then formulated and suspended in a freshwater humic and fulvic liquid solution. Unlike other zeolite products, Detox Cleanse Renew™ contains the key component for safe and effective chelation, Humic Acid. Humic helps to penetrate deep into the cells, providing cleansing action whilst safely binding harmful toxins. Fulvic acid, also known as Shilajit enriches the cells with 78 bioavailable natural-earth ionic minerals. These key ingredients ensure the intracellular delivery system is carrying the essential nutrients for life to the right places.

Zeolite’s are truly the perfect natural heavy metal trap. Although they naturally carry alumina, which we do not want accumulating in the body, it is trapped in the zeolite structure. This structure has been tested and is able to maintain its stability in temperatures up to 900 degrees fahrenheit+, including highly-acidic gastric juices. Although consumption of zeolite increases the frequency of urination, due to the excretory of heavy metals, it has been been proven in numerous studies that it will not decrease the amount of vital electrolytes (vitamins and minerals) in the blood body. This is phenomenal!  

The effects of heavy metal toxicity typically has non-specific symptoms, due to the long-term accumulation that takes place over months and years. Toxic lead accumulation in the body will displace calcium in the bones, sending stored bone-calcium into the blood acting as a defense against lead, leading to weak and unstabilized bones. The positive effect zeolite use has on gut-flora, or bacterial probiotics is incredible, increasing their survivability aiding the digestive process. Respectively this increases the absorption/uptake of good minerals and vitamins, resulting in an overall healthier digestive tract. 

Zeolite works similar to an anti-oxidant in the body, however the antioxidant would provide a sheath around the cell to protect the cell, and zeolite will trap the free-radicals in their complex structure by inactivating toxins with safe expulsion. When free-radicals are present in the body, cells release their vital oxygen in order to protect against their their life-force and quickly depleting energy store, which will cause cell-mutation – cancer.  Zeolite will actually enter the cancerous cell, causing the P21 gene to become activated, responding as a gene suppressor by controlling and suspending the cell-cycle progression. 

Along with all of the mentioned above, zeolite can also be effective in treating colds, flus, inflammation, arthritis, viral and heavy metal induced diseases. After 4-6 weeks of zeolite use, concluding the chelation of heavy metal toxic baggage, the anti-viral effect can be immediate. Zeolite’s have the capacity to trap pre-virus components, preventing the replication of viruses as well as their ability to cause various unfavorable conditions. Zeolite’s can also help to assist liver enzyme levels to reach normal range. Zeolite’s will also buffer the system towards alkalinity, establishing levels of 7.35 – 7.45 in the bodies pH, considering the pH of homeostasis is 7.4. Zeolite use aid’s in balancing the immune system by removing obstacles, allowing the bodies magnesium to work efficiently with adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is a biological source of energy produced within the body, and often referred to as the “molecular unit of currency” of intracellular energy transfer. Zeolite’s have also shown to be incredibly effective in shrinking tumors, as well as completely eliminating tumors in dogs, especially cancerous tumors, effective with the same detoxifying period of 90 days.

Zeolites are efficiently being used in a diversity of industries. In the pharmaceutical industry they are used in enzyme mimetic drugs, slow-released drugs, anti-tumor drugs and in anti-diarrhetic. They are used industrially for water purification, air-filtration, wetland restoration, toxic clean-up from industries, and agriculture practices, especially in fish, cow and pig farms. In fact several tons of zeolites were used at the Chernobyl disaster to trap and remove radioactive cesium and strontium 90 before it contaminated the waterways. This is truly a miracle natural earth mineral!

The best part of zeolite is that there are no side effects, as well as no known contra-indication with drug interactions. At Ambaya Gold our leading zeolite formula is the  DETOX CLEANSE RENEW™ , along with ZEOCAPS™ which provide straight clinoptilolite zeolite and humic acid powdered capsules. Zeolite is best taken in the evening before bed in minimum 4oz of hemp or coconut milk. In Ayurveda Bhaishajua Kaala means the appropriate administering time for Aushada or medicine, this timing plays a vital role in the effectiveness. In the natural circadian rhythm our bodies naturally detox on a cellular level between 10pm-2am when the pitta or digestive fire stimulates the liver. However if you are awake this will not happen. Ambaya Gold’s formula will help to amplify the release and overall cleansing of any toxic loads one has been carrying, and open up the vital electrical connectivity for optimal cellular communication.

For more Information or to BUY NOW visit: http://ambayagold.com/detox-cleanse-and-renew-zeolite/

* Warning ~ Zeolites are carcinogenic when inhaled*

Advanced Mono atomic fulvic acid colloidal zeolite vitamins Immune Support


Founded in Sedona, Ambaya Gold is an invitation to a quantum leap in ancient Ayurveda, Science-Based to Nurture the Mind, Body & Spirit. Supplementing High-Quality Natural Health for 10 years. Empowering Health to Resonate in LOVE and HARMONY!

Devoted to Integrity, BioAvailability & Efficacy

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***The photograph of Zeolite under the microscope used in the photo block design is from the collection of Christian Rewitzer.***

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