Our Zeolite Products and the Best Time to Take Them

Our Zeolite Products and the Best Time to Take Them

Zeolite's amazing natural detoxing properties when taken as a supplement. What's even better is that Zeolite has no adverse no side effects, as well as no known contra-indication with drug interactions.

In our Detox Cleanse Renew, the clean sourced zeolite powder is formulated and suspended in a freshwater humic and fulvic liquid solution. What makes this zeolite product unique, is that ours contains Humic or Shilajit. Humic helps to penetrate deep into the cells, providing cleansing action whilst safely binding harmful toxins. Fulvic enriches the cells with 78 bioavailable natural-earth ionic minerals. These key ingredients ensure the intracellular delivery system is carrying the essential nutrients for life to the right places.

Ambaya Gold has been using the same supplier of powdered zeolite for over 13 years with positively transformational results. Our naturally occurring Clinoptilolite is sourced from here in the United States. It is tested for quality purity standards at the mine site, and again in a laboratory before being marked safe for human consumption.

Zeolite is best taken in the evening before bed in minimum 4oz of hemp or coconut milk. In Ayurveda, Bhaishajua Kaala means the appropriate administering time for Aushada or medicine, this timing plays a vital role in the effectiveness. In the natural circadian rhythm our bodies naturally detox on a cellular level between 10pm-2am when the pitta or digestive fire stimulates the liver. However, if you are awake this will not happen, so make sure to get in tuned with your natural circadian rhythm. Our formula will help to amplify the release and overall cleansing of any toxic loads one has been carrying, and open up the vital electrical connectivity for optimal cellular communication.



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