The Best Addition to Your Health: Morning Routines

Annie Pavone

September 19, 2022

It’s proven that having a morning routine is highly beneficial to your health physically, mentally and spiritually. A routine in the morning heightens your health, grounds you and motivates you for the day. Note, a morning practice may (and should) change throughout your life and is something that will be totally unique to you. 

Committing to a morning or daily practice can be daunting and seem almost impossible if you have a busy schedule. Nonetheless, I can’t stress enough how truly amazing and beneficial it’ll be to your overall health. By the end of this blog it should sound much easier to you.

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How to get started (even if you’re incredibly busy)? 

Start small. Don’t plan and jump into a 1-4 hour practice. When I started, I read books and blogs teaching elaborate morning routines. I followed their tips and by the end of it wanted to wake up at 4:00 AM and pile on exercise, stretching, breath work and meditation. Truth was that only lead to a burnout, so I started again. Over the years my morning routine has grown into my favorite part of the day and here’s how I did it. 

Start with a time to wake up that feels right for you and your schedule. For me and the lifestyle I currently live, 6:00 am has worked the best, but this will be different for everyone. The most important thing here is consistency. No matter what wake up at the time you choose every day with no off days. Going to bed at the same time (and early) every night goes hand in hand with waking up early.

Weekends I don't have as rigorous a routine, but I still wake up at the same time.

Mornings are for Taking Your Time 

Don’t feel like you have to rush as soon as you wake up. Make your bed, wash your face, brush your teeth, whatever it is take your time. It's crucial to give your mind and body time to wake up, like turning on a computer.

First thing I do each morning is drink water. Drinking water in the morning is essential to helping your body release what it detoxed during the night. There are a number of benefits associated with drinking water in the morning such as boosting your immune system and increasing your metabolic rate.

I add in my Essence of Life and Elecro Hydrate so I feel more energized, greater clarity and focused. They especially help me when it comes to my meditation practice.

Find practices that will enhance you mentally, physically and spiritually. 

It’s been proven that breaking a sweat in the morning first thing after waking up is highly beneficial to the body. However you accomplish it is up to you! Try a 20 minute workout like running, push-ups, skipping rope or riding a bike. 

After a work out I’ve found that some sort of cool down feels best. I recommend stretching or yoga. This is a great time to connect with your body and breath. I try to do 30 minutes of yoga but some days I may do more or less. Again, feel into the practice and make it your own! 

Exercising isn’t just for your body, find something to exercise your mind. This may look like journaling, reading, a hobby or meditating. There are linked benefits to reading in the morning. Journaling is exceptionally good for mental health. You can write about anything, your day, shadow work, what your grateful for, anything- just get it out on paper! 

I end with some some sort of meditation. Follow a guided meditation or sit alone with your thoughts. Meditation of any kind is the key to cultivating a happy and peaceful world around you. 

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September 12, 2022

Morning Routines

Our minds and bodies respond exceptionally well to routine. A routine in the morning heightens your health and motivates you for the day. 

Morning routines are here to help ground yourself in the morning and prepare the mind and body for the best day ever.

Prepare your mind, body and spirit for the day with high frequency mineral supplements.

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An Invitation from Ambaya

Dear friends and family,

I would like to invite you to take a look at this site and take advantage of this great opportunity which is free. I find it extremely valuable at this time given everything in the world.

This practice has benefited me greatly in all physical, mental and Spiritual ways. and I would like for you to be aware of it and if it touches your heart, give the challenge a try. and see where and how it moves you forward in your life.

With much gratitude for your continued trust in allowing us to make a positive difference to your health and wishing you well.