Healing Qualities of Zeolite

Zeolite is a powerful mineral with unique healing properties. This mineral can be found in dietary supplements that aim to treat cancer, autism, herpes, diarrhea, and hangovers. It may balance pH and safety remove heavy metals in the body. 

Here are some of its healing qualities: 

Perhaps the most popular use of Zeolite is through a Zeolite detox cleanse. The mineral particles are fine enough to safely pass through the body’s cells, where they bind with toxins, waste, and harmful metals for easy removal from the body. Lead, mercury, and cadmium buildups are flushed from the system with a Zeolite detox, which helps level the pH and alkalinity in the body.

One of the main healing qualities most find in Zeolite is the natural purification of the mind. The crystals are said to remove negative energy and are commonly used to open up one’s chakra systems. There are 20 types of Zeolite, and some, like stilbite, may increase awareness and bring spiritual consciousness. The rare heulandite helps program the mental body to manifest one’s reality.

Zeolite also carries antioxidant properties that help build up the immune system by trapping free radicals, inactivating, and eliminating them. Other benefits of Zeolite within the body may include combating diarrhea, raising antioxidant levels, reducing the side effects of chemotherapy, and regulating the immune system.

Another widespread use of Zeolite involves its claimed cancer-fighting ability. The mineral attacks cancerous cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed. One of the main problems with other therapies, like radiation, is that they harm both bad and good cells. However, advanced Zeolite studies aim to remedy that.

Zeolite in the physical form also has metaphysical healing effects by absorbing negative energy in a room and presenting a positive bright aura.

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