Healing Qualities of Zeolite

zeolite powder

There are some things that are just soothing to the mind and body – for instance a quiet house, a rocking chair, a warm blanket, on-ear headphones (not earbuds), and the sweet sounds of Enya flowing through your brain. There is very minimal scientific evidence linking Enya to purifying but anybody in the described situation will emerge with a clearer head on their shoulders. There is a crystal named Zeolite that works in many of the same ways. This mineral is unique in that some of its healing properties are known and proven to be a miraculous, magical, discovery of sorts. Behold the power of Zeolite:


One of the main healing qualities most find in Zeolite is a natural purification of the mind. The crystals are said to remove negative energy and are commonly used in the practice of opening up one’s chakra systems. There are in the neighborhood of 20 types of zeolite and some like the stilibite may increase awareness and brings spiritual consciousness while the rare heulandite helps program the mental body to create one’s own reality.


Perhaps the most popular use of the crystals is through a Zeolite detox cleanse. The particles of the mineral are fine enough to pass through the body’s cells, where they bind with toxins, waste, and harmful metals for easy removal from the body. Lead, mercury, and cadmium buildups are flushed from the system with Zeolite detox, which helps level out the pH and alkalinity in the body.

Building Up An Immune System

The versatile Zeolite also carries antioxidant properties that help build up the immune system by trapping free radicals and inactivating and eliminating them. Other benefits of Zeolite within the body may include combating diarrhea, raising antioxidant levels, reducing the side effects of chemotherapy, and regulating the immune system.

Anti- Cancer

Another popular use of Zeolite is in cancer fighting instances where the mineral attacks cancerous cells and basically tells them to die, all the while leaving healthy cells unharmed. One of the main problems with radiation and other therapies is that they harm both good and bad cells but advanced Zeolite studies aim to remedy that.

Environmental Health

Zeolite in the physical form also has metaphysical healing effects by absorbing negative energy in a room and presenting a positive bright aura.

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