Drinking Gold?

Drinking Gold?

APR 5, 2020

What is Monatomic Gold? Today we give you a simplified description of the effect of gold in our bodies.

Monatomic gold is the true essence of the gold we all know in its most filtered and concentrated form.

Monatomic gold is made up of single atoms that aren’t bound to each other and it has superconductive capabilities and properties when it is processed to a certain temperature.

It can then be consumed to energize the body and the mind on a deep cellular level.

High-Frequency Elements

You’ll see many of our supplements contain gold, that’s because of the ability to increase cellular communication in the body. Your cells will be beaming with light and energy- which is why gold has such a healing effect on the pineal gland, body and brain, and also encourage spiritual transformation.

These healing powers are believed to be the result of the raised frequency of cells increasing light energy.

Below is a video demonstrating this in real life! Athena is walking toward Eli with dowsing rods, which are capable of reading a persons auric field.
The aura of someone can grow stronger or weaken for a multitude of reasons. It grows small and weak if the person is sick, stressed, angry, or having any other kind of negative experience. An aura is strong when a person is healthy in mind and body.

You’ll notice when Athena walks toward Eli the first time, she has to get quite close before the rods react. Someone might’ve had a stressful day!

After Eli picks up one of our products, the frequency of his aura grows. The dowsing rods open much further away this time.

After Eli holds our Essentials Pack, Athena doesn’t even get through the door! That is the high-frequency platinum group elements, like the gold, hard at work in our supplements!
Our Essence of Life contains High-Frequency Elements Gold, Silver and Indium to further heal your light body and aura!

Another popular Ambaya Gold supplement is our Immune System Boost that uses High-Frequency Elements Gold, Silver and Indium, in a different ratio, to rapidly assist in the strengthening of your immune system and further boost your aura.


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Written by Annie Pavone

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