Annie Pavone

October 17, 2022

Water is the source of life- humans are 60% water after all. But did you know that drinking cups and cups of water isn’t properly hydrating you? Not staying hydrated throughout the day can cause numerous health issues, but the solution doesn’t necessarily mean drinking more water. Dehydration can occur regardless of your water intake. Why? Because your minerals must be balanced in order for your body to properly store and utilize water.

Drinking tons of water can actually further dilute the minerals in your body if they aren’t balanced. This means instead of drinking more water, try adding a mineral balancing supplement like our Electro Hydrate.

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Here are our simple tips to staying hydrated and healthy:

If you are bored of plain water, try infusing your pitcher with lemon, cucumber, mint or other combinations of fruits and herbs. Tea, juices, milk, soup and even smoothies count. Make sure you’re getting a proper intake of vitamins and minerals to insure proper utilization of the water you’re drinking. There are also lots of delicious and juicy foods like melons, celery and apples to help keep you hydrated. Bananas and dates offer electrolytes to help keep you balanced.

Again, most people believe it’s imperative to drink a gallon (or more) of water a day, however, this isn’t the case. The best way to stay on a great level of hydration is to listen to your body and check your urine color. It should be pale yellow. This is the best way to ensure you’re drinking enough for your body type.

There’s also the factor of what kind of water you drink. Tap water usually contains contaminants like heavy metals, chlorine and fluoride. Water stores provide many options and research the different kinds they offer. Reverse osmosis is a popular choice. However, the reverse osmosis process removes bad and good minerals from water, leaving it void of everything. Water needs some minerals in it, such as calcium and magnesium, to provide key health benefits. Usually the safest water option is pure spring water

You might want to consider a supplement, such as our Electro Hydrate, to enhance your water and balance your minerals. A good duo we offer is our Electro Hydrate, to charge our electro-magnetic bodies, and our Essence of Life, to add back all of the trace elements, vitamins and minerals to our water. Proper hydration is critical for the balance and functioning of our body and mind.

Most of us are chronically dehydrated because of the state of our water options due to current water filtering practices. A supplement like Electro Hydrate can help hydrate and mineralize your system while providing essential underpinnings for you to feel strong, clear and focused throughout the day.

Prepare your mind, body and spirit for the day with our high frequency mineral supplements.

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