BEST Ways to Strengthen Your Aura

BEST Ways to Strengthen Your Aura

APR 5, 2020

We refer to the field of energy around the body as an aura. Most people don’t realize that they have a second skin — the aura is an energy skin that protects and shields their energy system just as physical skin protects their inner organs.

Everything has an aura. Your aura acts as a boundary between your personal energy system and the energy of your environment
And like your skin, the aura should be cleansed and can be strengthened to perform better.

The human aura field looks like an oval or egg-shaped cocoon of energy and can be perceived clairvoyantly as color, brightness, shape and density. You can hear the aura clairaudiently as tone, sound, music, frequency and vibration.

When you are feeling healthy, confident, calm and grounded, your aura is clean and healthy. A healthy aura field is composed of bright colors, strong vibrations, pure tones, and a full, smooth, egg-shaped boundary extending out from the body at least one foot in all directions.

When you are sick, depressed, sad, or unsure of yourself, your aura needs cleansing and is closer to your body. The colors are most likely to be dull, the frequency slow and erratic and the shape may be bumpy and distorted.

BEST Ways to Strengthen Your Aura

1. Sunshine
Lots of sunshine (at least 20-30 minutes a day) is known to feed and expand the aura. We are natural beings. Spending time outside in nature is incredibly healthy for your body, mind and soul. It fuels you with energy, optimism and loads of vitamin D, which heals depression, while nature nourishes your senses and grounds you.

2. Sea Salt
Swimming in the ocean or soaking in a salt bath helps to cleanse the aura and draw out stress. The water draws out and carries away negativity. If you don’t have these options you can give your body a sea salt scrub before taking a shower. Rub sea salt all over your skin before showering. It helps remove dead skin cells, refreshes your aura and draws out toxins.

3. Cold Showers
Cold showers have the ability to clear away negativity in your auric field, remove toxins, improve circulation and draw out tension from your body.

4. Labradorite Crystal
Labradorite has been shown by Kirilian photography to heal tears in the auric field by preventing leakage. It’s a beautiful stone to wear yourself or adorn your home with.

5. Reduce Your Elecronics Exposure
Many have made the connection that man made frequencies can build up static in your auric field and can cause disturbances. Make your bedroom as electrical free as possible. Charge all gadgets away from your bedroom or at the very least away from your head when sleeping.

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6. Surround Yourself With the Right People
There’s an old saying, “you become the people around you” and it’s completely accurate. If you think about the 5 main people you hang around and combine their consciousness’ together, yours will be the same.

7. Solitude
Our mind is constantly busy with incessant thoughts. Spending some time alone allows you to stay present, slow your thoughts and even let some go. It also allows you to really ponder the big picture matters.

Some good options are to: Meditate, Go for a walk, Go for a swim, Do some reading, Listen to music or Sit in silence.

8. Affirmations

Affirmations are very powerful. When you set affirmations, you’re manifesting a stronger aura. It rewrites preexisting thought patterns in your head and it helps get rid of doubt. “What affirmation should I use?” Whatever comes to mind! It can be something as basic as, “each and every day my aura gets stronger.” Or, it could be, “My aura and energy is untainted and cannot be easily influenced.”

9. Keep Yourself and Your Environment Clean

10. Taking High-Frequency Supplements 
Supplements that use high-frequency elements, like PGE Gold, Silver and Indium can repair and grow the aura.


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Written by Annie Pavone

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