Freedom through Health and Happiness

Enable vital cellular communication, and supply essential nutrients, while enchancing proper biological, mental and spiritual connections with our powerful, unique blends of Humic and Fulvic Acids, charged with High-Frequency Platinum Group Elements. 

1. Electro-Hydrate™

Keeping yourself Hydrated with a Balanced PH is key to health!!!!

Our powerful first-stage formula, consisting of Fulvic Acid, Platinum Group Metals, Ionic minerals & enzymes, provides your cellular communication system with the ideal conductive medium for electrolyte potential energy flow, all day long.

2. Detox, Cleanse, and Renew™

Removing obstacles to the electrical flow is the key to cellular communication

Our Humic/Fulvic formula packed with Clinoptilolite Zeolite, enhanced with high frequency angstrom platinum group elements is designed to safely remove heavy metals, and other forms of toxicity from the body. This allows electrolyte potential energy to flow freely, increasing cellular and neural communication, and strengthens your body's natural electromagnetic field.

3. Essence Of Life™

Cellular Nourishment is necessary for restoring and maintaining Health

Our deeply nourishing rich formula, provides the body with essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals. The natural properties of Fulvic Acid allow quick, efficient cellular delivery of nutrients, providing beneficial results quickly, and safely, while also enhancing resonance to the higher frequencies of your Non-Physical Self, offering strength, protection and a positive attitude.

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