Eliminate Toxins Safely, Effectively & Gently while Replenishing Essential Vitamins and Minerals 

Our Detox Travel Kit is easy-to-use for overall cleansing, resulting in a general sense of wellbeing, improved energy, clarity, vitality, elevated mood, healthier skin, hair, and nails. Removing the obstacles (heavy metals, chemicals, toxicity, pathogenic bacteria) to our electrical connectivity allows for efficient cellular communication enhancing our biological, mental, emotional and spiritual connections! 

The active ingredients in Detox, Cleanse, and Renew include naturally occurring clinoptilolite zeolite, Fulvic & Humic acids, and Platinum Groups Elements for their super-conductive characteristics. This formula provides optimal cellular penetration, nutrition and balance resulting in effective & safe chelation.
Our Super-Conductive Ionic Minerals ™ and Super-Conductive Vitamins™ provide a minimum of 78 naturally occurring natural earth minerals, rich in amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins A, B spectrum, C, D3 enzymes and other nutrients to re-mineralize and recharge your body and mind.  

Zeolites remain in the body from 5 – 7 hours before all zeolite is eliminated, carrying out and binding all of the absorbed harmful toxins in the body and eliminating them safely. Ambaya Gold has been using the same supplier of Zeolite for over 12
years with positively transformational results. The source of naturally occurring clinoptilolite is from the United States, tested for quality purity standards at the mine site and in a laboratory being marked safe for human consumption.

Detox Travel Kit supplies a 30-day supply. 


Read more about Clinoptilolite
Zeolites on our Blog:  


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