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L LolaOlk – Winston Salem, NC

Awhile ago, I was using Dentist in a Bottle™ and came across information about your Pet Health+. I have an 18-year old and a 12-year old dog, a 10-year old a 5-year old cat. I was especially interested in it for the older animals. I had been using a strictly liquid vitamin product for them and it worked well. When I saw your pet product, though, and realized how effective the Dentist in a Bottle™ was for me, I decided to give Pet Health+ a try. I've never even seen information on this type mineral product before, but it seemed pretty awe inspiring for the body. My reasoning was that if I felt better using good-quality health products, my older animals would, too. They do. I know they won't live forever, but I do know they will feel better and be more comfortable, which they definitely appear to be. The 18-year old is a chihuahua mix. He moves pretty slowly and isn't terribly active, but at times he will take off running and leap like a lamb kid! I haven't seen him do that before, and it makes me happy to see HIM that apparently happy and at times spry enough to enjoy doing that. He's not so grumpy, either.
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