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Kathleen – Jerome, AZ

I love your formulas and the philosophy behind your company. More importantly, my three feline family members love your formulas as well! I started mixing Pet Health+™ into their wet food, and the cats immediately seemed even more interested in cleaning their plates. Within a few days, the cat with the healthiest looking coat became an absolute cover model for sleek and shiny coat. The other two older gals, including one who has struggled with weight problems over the years, have also shown a marked improvement in coat and energy levels. I absolutely believe that as beloved family members our pets deserve our best efforts -- including clean food and nutritional support. The formulas you have developed are aligned with my passion and commitment for enhancing the lives of animals. Thank you again for your fabulous formulas. P.S. I was talking to Julia at Sedona Pet Supply yesterday, and I told her how happy I am with the Pet Health+™. Since I started with your product, my sluggish overweight cat has been very clear eyed and alert, as if she just "woke up" from a deep sleep. I'm really happy she is back! Julia responded that she has received a lot of similar and favorable feedback.
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