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Magnesium Essential Oil Spray

Magnesium Oil Spray

A Soothing and Relaxing
Body Spray & Natural Deodorant 

The pure salt of magnesium enhanced with our proprietary fulvic base provides an optimized Magnesium body spray with a high-rate of absorption for increased uptake.

Efficient dermal absorption delivery with 100% Natural Bio-Available Magnesium.

Magnesium is one of the major minerals essential to replenish in our daily diet, with our bodies requiring a minimum of 300-400mg per day. According to the National Institute of Health we excrete 120mg of Magnesium daily though urination.

Benefits may include:

  • Great for Naturally reversing Magnesium Deficiencies, Muscle Cramping, Muscle Spasms, Bone Health, Fluid Regulation, Kidney Maintenance, and Energy Production, as well a wonderful Natural Deodorant.
  • Promotes Relaxation and Calmness, nourishing neuro-transmitters in the Brain for Healthy Gaba functioning. 

According to Dr.Axe , and the National Institute of Health, Magnesium deficiency can appear in people with Anxiety, insomnia, alcohol dependence, hyperactivity, restlessness, type II diabetes, gastro-intestinal disease, osteoporosis, hypertension, cardio-vascular disease, as well as in pregnant woman and elderly people.


“Deficiency Symptoms and How to Treat it” Dr.Axe: Online Web, 2017).

Magnesium “Nutritional Fact Sheet for Health Professionals” National Institute of Health: (December, 2017).

Magnesium Oil Spray 1 oz

Magnesium Oil Spray – 1 oz glass bottle


Soothing Magnesium Oil Spray 4 oz

Magnesium Oil Spray – 4 oz glass bottle


Suggested Use: 1 spray under each armpit and in the crook of each arm, then gently rub in. Use twice daily.

Ingredients: magnesium chloride, fulvic, indium, aloe vera, pyridoxine HCL, methylsulfonymethane, plant based phytonutrients and potassium sorbate.



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